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An important aspect in packing is the EAN – Code (European Article Numbering). This code is used to identify the barcode at the POS (Point Of Sale) automatically. Tries to hide the barcode or just ignore the minimum requirements in print quality leads to a potentially unusable barcode in the intended use.
But automatic identification will only be used by a potential customer if he can benefit from it, as it is quicker and with less errors while identifying an article at the POS. In everyday life the consequences are obvious. The article’s barcode cannot be read by the POS – Scanner even after several retries. This leads to a manual input of the EAN  – Number which demands more time and is even more incorrect.

A supermarket e.g. wants to serve as much customers as possible in the shortest time available. A customer on the other hand does not want to queue up for a long time.

In the end a bad barcode quality will work against the customer’s interests. As a result from these facts it is obvious that the barcode quality should be specified according to the following standards:
in Quality ISO/IEC15420 e.g. at minimum Grade B (3) and in keeping the code specification according ISO/IEC 15416.

For more information of the EAN Code ( sizes, colours etc.)
please feel free to visit our german webpage: 1D und 2D Codes.

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