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Printer TD-GPT-U

The portable thermal printer is connected by a USB cable to the ScanCheck 3n. The printer has its own power supply by using an internal rechargeable battery pack. The printer uses 57 mm wide thermal paper. The paper roll is fixed inside and cannot fall out while using the printer portable. The printer is able to print the scan reflectance profile.

20 mil Adaptor plate

To be able to measure large codes like ITF-14 or other codes on transport labels the measuring aperture can be increased to 20 mil by the aid of the 20 mil adaptor.


  • Powerful 32 bit ARM9 CPU
  • Contactless measurement by laser scanner technology
  • Easy software update by Flash-ROM technology
  • Software option upgrade by access codes
  • Password protection for setup
  • Multilanguage user interface
  • Auto discrimination of major barcodes
  • Order number assignment
  • Memory for 100 reports, expandable by MMC Card
  • Full analysis to ISO, ANSI and CEN standards
  • Additional analysis of optional parameters including a detailed metric evaluation
  • Selectable PCS evaluation for best and worst contrast case
  • Optional parameters can be graded, viewed non-graded or disabled
  • Averaging of up to ten scans. Count of non decoding scans in average measurement
  • Automatic size measurement and verification
  • Verification of light margin
  • Wide to narrow ratio measurement for two–bar–width barcodes
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