REA VeriCube – for Matrixcodes and Barcodes

The REA Verifier VeriCube is a state-of-the-art matrix and barcode verification device which can be used across all industry sectors. Whether lying, standing or from top to bottom, virtually any test sample can be measured contact-free in the optimum measuring position.
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REA PC-Scan/LD4 – for Barcodes


The REA Verifier PC-Scan/LD4 with Laser-Device is ideal for the no contact verification of film masters (negatives, positives and bromides) and printed symbols. The measuring accuracy is +/- 2 µ. The red light is a semiconductor laser with 670 nm. The aperature is switchable between 4, 6 and 8 mil.
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REA ScanCheck 3n – for Barcodes

The REA Verifier ScanCheck 3n is a portable barcode quality device and ideal for the laser contactless verification of printed symbols. The power supply is provided for standard AA rechargeable batteries.
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REA Check ER – for Barcodes

Check ER

The REA Verifier Check ER is a portable compact inspection unit for verifying arcodes until 75 mm width.
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REA TransWin 32

TransWin 32

The new REA Verifier PC-Software TransWin 32 is a step ahead in methodology and representation of verification results.
Additionally management of reports is more powerful than ever.
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REA Printer TD-GPT-U

Printer TD-GPT-U

The REA Verifier portable thermal printer is connected by a USB cable to the REA ScanCheck 3n. The printer has its own power supply by using an internal rechargeable battery pack. The printer uses 57 mm wide thermal paper. The paper roll is fixed inside and cannot fall out while using the printer portable. The printer is able to print the scan reflectance profile.
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