The barcode EAN 128 also called GS1 128 is a logistical standardization with international validity. 1993 the EAN 128 was published in German for the first time.

The Code EAN 128 is “nearly” identical with the structure of the Code 128. Different to the Code 128 the Code EAN 128 includes a double leading figure composed of the types A (alpha numeric plus special sign), B (alpha numeric) or C (numeric) and the functional sign FNC1. If required the types can be switched in one symbol. The FNC1 is followed by the Application Identifier (AI). The Application Identifier identifies data elements with fixed or variable length. If several Application Identifier and the corresponding data elements are combined each variable defined data element has to be followed by a FNC1-figure unless it is not the last codified data element in the codification.

For detecting the length of a data element with determined number of positions after a read operation a table has been developed with predefined length indicator. This table determines the total length of the data element which is always composed by the Application Identifier and the data context. In some print- and repro-software this table is deposited but it has to be exteded consistently. The Application Identifier is printed in brackets under the barcode in the Interpretation Line.

Some software-programs print these brackets automatically whereas by some programs this entering has to be done manually.

Some significant table-data (examples) are:

Application Identifier (AI)Data elements
00Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) – SSCC (n2 + n18)
01EAN of the trading unit (n2 + n14)
10Batch or Lot Number / Charge Number (n2 + an..20)
11Production Date (n2 + n6)
15Best Before (YYMMDD)
316(Net) Volume (n4 + n6) the fourth position is the comma position
7001Stockkeeping Unit (SUK)
97Internal Data, Whole Sale and Retail Trade

For the different data there are approx. 100 Application Identifier (AI)

n = numeric and an = alpha numeric
n2 means the application identifier has got two positions (n4 = four positions).
The figure behind the n provides the length of the data.

The maximum code-length is 165 mm (incl. both quite zones) or maximum 35 coded signs or it is limited to 48 data characters.

The quite zones have to be at least 10 modules wide.

Each character consists of 11 module (module = the least element of a barcode) except for the stop character consisting of 13 modules.

The calculation of the reference number proceeds according the principle of the Code 128 corresponding modulo 103.

The width and size of the barcode is usually determined by the customer. The x-module of this barcode Code EAN 128 has to be at least 0,25 mm and maximal 1,016 mm. For the size are approaved at least 27mm.

Each barcode has an own human readable line under the code. This one starts with the Application Identifier in brackets and the data content – example: (01)04043002136342.

The provided print quality is determined by the customer. This quality depends on his application (e. g.: automatic or manual registration). Two standards provide the determination of the print quality. Special checking devices verify the barcode according to these standards and issue corresponding test records.

Model Code EAN128

Code EAN128

You are welcome for questions around this subject. With pleasure we give you advice and verify your EAN 128 barcodes according the required Standard of Quality, the format and the validity of the data elements for a mean service charge. This applies as well for in-company applications as (Packaging- and Identification specification) as well as for the format of the batch tracing of foodstuffs according Art. 18, Regulation (EG) No 178/2002 of the European Parliament and the Board dated 28. January 2002. On 2004 this Regulation has been expended on packaging means (EG) No 1934/2004.

We provide you by mail with an audit report issued with the Laser Device PC-Scan/LD4. If the barcode is not correct in its construction or is not printed in the demanded quality you will receive a correspondence with a detailed advice which parameter has to be modified. According to your require we will provide this audit report in German, English, French or Spanish.