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TransWin 32


The new PC-Software TransWin 32 is a step ahead in methodology and representation of verification results.
Additionally management of reports is more powerful than ever.

TransWin 32 allows connecting to several barcode verifiers at the same time either via USB interfaces or serial ports.
The latest models are completely remote controlled and allow a sophisticated graphical report view.

Configuration and reports are transferred by using TCP/IP protocols.
Full remote control of PC-Scan/LD3 and the ScanCheck 3
Report view for ScanCheck, ScanCheck II, Check 3

The compact result window gives in short  the final verification result "Pass "or "Fail".

Compact Result Window

Details of reports are shown in clear graphical representations or in tables.
The scan reflectance profile window allows zooming and measuring of details.
It shows how the barcode appears to a scanner.

Scan reflectance profile

Transwin32 Picture 3

Parameters out of specification and errors are highlighted in red colour. This allows a fast check of inaccuracies and helps to analyze errors in the processes.

TransWin32 Picture 4

Verification reports can be completed by comments and user addresses.
The reports will be organized hierarchically.
Customers can open TransWin 32 reports without loosing any information.
Additionally external PDF software may be useful to create reports in PDF format.  

For further information, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us

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Bild Windows-PC-Software TransWin 32

Download PDF Description


  • Evaluation according to ISO/IEC 15416 or ANSI X3.182 and -upon request- with optional parameters in addition
  • Support of GS1 General Specifications
  • Classical PCS measurements can be taken into account as graded optional parameter or as view only parameter
  • Auto discrimination of all main barcode symbologies
  • Averaging of up to 10 measurements. If required, not decoded measurements can be taken into account.
  • Extended light margin control through wide area scan reflectance profile view
  • Wide to narrow bar width ratio control for two bar widths barcodes
  • Program password protected
  • Multi language user interface
  • Comments and measurement numbers can be added to reports
  • Reports can be saved by using an automatic file name generator or by individual user selected file names.
  • Reports can be shown and printed in the GS1 layout
  • 32 bit software for modern MS®WINDOWS-operating systems
  • Fast TCP/IP data communication via USB interface



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